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SKIMBOARDING wetsuits RESISTANCE WETSUITS | hand made in Japan

skimboarding wetsuits RESISTANCE WETSUITS SKIMBOARD専用ウエットスーツ RESISTANCEについて

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Japanese wetsuits are known for being the highest quality wetsuits in the world.

There are several reasons why Japanese wetsuits have earned this reputation:
1. High quality neoprene and thermal insulation several levels better than US neoprene.
2. High quality bonding and sewing works.
3. 3D cut paper patterns
These manufacturing features ensure that the wetsuits are very flexible, warm, and fit perfectly.

RESISTANCE WETSUITS are designed for skimboarding.
Almost all "normal" wetsuits are designed for surfing, windsurfing or diving, not skimboarding.
Skimboarders need to run. In addition to being more flexible, our wetsuits are designed for the rigors of skimboarding.
Since they are designed for skimboarders, owners will enjoy increased durability and resistance to tear problems in the crotch to ankle area.

The owner of RESITANCE WETSUITS is Tetsuya Katsuge and he has been developing skimboarding wetsuits for 5 years.
As a skimboarder himself, he had been working in the skim/surf industry seven years before he started RESISTANCE WETSUITS. In that time he was selling many wetsuits to skimboarders which were not made for skimboarding. Over and over, he found that almost all wetsuits worn by skimboarders eventually had problems. There had to be a better way.

In 2002 He began distributing Exile Skimboards in Japan.
Because of this relationship, he had a chance to befriend many of the world's best skimboarders.
In 2003 Paulo Prietto asked him about Japanese wetsuits: "I heard Japanese wetsuits are really good. I want to try one."
So Tetsuya approached the wetsuit factory to see if they wanted to try making wetsuits especially for skimboarding.
He gave his idea's as well Paulo's feedback to the wetsuit factory and integrated numerous solutions to common wetsuit problems specific to skimboarding.

And with that, the first skimboard specific wetsuit brand was born.